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However, Haku gone away out-of middle-air only making the fresh metal partner trailing

Haku beats Dark Uitsualnemetia from the breaking the crystal you to imprisons Kuon, she’s hesitant to start with because of the lady link to Uitsualnemetia and thus Haku suggests that the guy wishes this lady back from the his side since everyone is looking forward to the girl. Hence Kuon return so you’re able to your. Haku carries Kuon off the calamity as Ulthury and you will Karulau with the aid of the newest Oracle of your Chains close the brand new Ebony god permanently. As the folk invited Kuon for her get back, she turns straight back toward Haku to thank him having saving her and also by maybe not making the lady. The fresh Oracles of one’s Chains i (Haku) has descended up on the country, now viewing over it.

Believe – Epilogue [ ]

Could it be thought you to definitely Haku is present once Kuon, today crowned while the empress out of Tuskur, near to Empress Anju regarding Yamato, proclaimed the partnership away from both countries while they stay until the somebody due to the fact a couple of her or him today inheritated title out of Hakuowlo, the fresh White Lords. Haku today good deity, is famous in regions due to the fact Onkami Uitsualnemetia (during the Tuskur) otherwise Onkami Onvitaikayan (into the Yamato), journey in the house helping members of you desire alongside Ururuu and you will Saraana. He temporarily ends by the close to the Kujyuri’s community in which the guy basic came across Kuon. The village was still curing following First Akuruka danger, even after the new provides delivered from the Resource and you will Tuskur all of the week.

A child exactly who destroyed the woman moms and dads from inside the battle remaining this new village, believing that the woman moms and dads was in fact back, however it was still as well hazardous pursuing the chaos. Haku discovered this lady and you will remaining her as well as directed to brand new town, with his methods were acquiesced by people in which he is later referred to as guy into the light, Mashiro, who have saved this new community as is told through the kid.

Some time pursuing the commitment off Yamato and you may Tuskur; Kuon departs their royal duties inside the Tuskur as a consequence of the woman masteries from incantation additionally the assistance of Kurou, to will get straight back on vacation to get Haku, and you will ends within earliest community in which she found Haku. She entertains some of the pupils about plaza while the innkeeper caters to restaurants with the villagers. Kuon produces a magazine flower for similar kid stored by Haku. At the inn, Kuon hears the storyline off Mashiro, the brand new missing boy as well as the rumour your Light Jesus whom stored the brand new village. Kuon after that became certain that lord Mashiro is basically Haku.

While you are Kuon try resting, she dreamed of Haku. She told Haku all the content that’s been going on and you will that everybody wishes your to return. She woke right up seeking realize Haku immediately following he requires the new metal fan , She believed frustated and you can saddened considering it actually was simply just fantasy. Quickly, the latest landlady will come because of the to tell Kuon throughout the magic you to happened: whenever she ran beyond your village’s landscape looked to spring season day. She is impressed by the impossible alter of your climate within the a single night since snow is now just about moved.

The newest landlady age by. Upcoming Kuon knows that there are petals over her wallet together with metal partner is finished. In the disclosure it was not merely only dream.

Haku takes Saranna and Ururuu and additionally him

Haku tells the girl that he is good and then he is found on a journey very she has no to bother with him. Kuon attempts to chase immediately after him, however, she decided not to flow as the dream was about to end. Kuon smiles and you may hoe iemand een bericht te sturen op mocospace claims you to this woman is taking nearer to Haku and you can she won’t assist your wade next time it fulfill.

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